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Your Style is So You

This post sponsored by STAINMASTER®. All opinions are my own.

Your style. It’s so YOU! But wait, what does that mean? We are influenced by the things we see every day…social media, tv, Pinterest, friends…heck. I’m even influenced by the table next to me in a restaurant! (Oh! What is SHE having? That’s what I want!)

It’s easy to lose sight of our OWN personal style these days. I’ve even felt a little bit like a misfit because I like a big ‘ol combination of many styles! Country-colonial-boho-farmy-rustic with sweet details? Is that a style? It is to ME!

In order to narrow it down and give your own unique style a name, I’d suggest looking at pics that really grab your heart and write down the name of that style. Add to your list as you peruse social media, Pinterest, or when you’re out shopping! Then look over the list and pick out the styles that fit you best. It’s kinda fun to come up with your own “style name!”  Contemporary rustic ranch chic? Scandanavian sweetness? Mid-century simplicity with over-achiever details? 😉 Whatever you come up with, it’s unique to you.

Why is it important to name your style? Oh, it’s about to be so helpful. Just wait.

Here are a couple ways you can USE the power of knowing your style well.

•When shopping for flooring.

Oh sure, it SOUNDS like fun, but it’s an important decision! This is something you’ll likely only address a couple times in life, if you choose wisely. Since you already know your style and what YOU truly love, you can move on to the next criteria…the type of look that will “fit” your home.

Is your house new? Old? Do you live in the city? Or along a country road? When we were choosing flooring, we wanted to “honor” the history of our home (built in 1890), and keep it stylish but classic. We also considered our setting, which is in the country, meaning plenty of dust, mud, and water!

Another thing to consider when selecting flooring is who LIVES in your home. Our kids are basically grown, but these two (above) are a huge part of the family. Yep, sweet little Cooper + Hazel have our hearts, and we were after a durable surface that could stand up to their shenanigans. 😉 (We chose this 100% waterproof STAINMASTER® luxury vinyl, and oh how we love it!) Our “who” lead to the perfect product for us. A decision we are still happy with, years later. Click here to see a fun little video about this exact subject!

Ok! Another way you can use the power of knowing your style?

•When shopping for furniture (especially sofas!).

Why oh why OH WHY is it so daunting to choose sofas? Just me? We’ve purchased 3 sofa “sets” over the course of our 26 year marriage, and it’s always a decision over which we agonize. Since it’s a bit of an investment, it has to be comfy, and we’ll look at it every day, it can feel impossible. BUT WAIT! Remember your design style? We’ve GOT THIS, friends! That information right there will help you knock out the first criteria of SHAPE. After that, I like to recommend going as neutral as possible, with a fabric that is most likely to stand up to your life (or your toddlers, dogs, and grape-juice-loving guests).

ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET? I am! Knowing your own personal style well is such an advantage. It can be helpful with the big decisions in our homes, but also the smaller ones (paint color, accent furniture, decor…all of it!).

I can’t wait any longer! What’s YOUR style? We’d love to hear!

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  • January 17, 2020 - 12:38 am

    Jean - I call my style feminine farmhouse with some cottage thrown in! Lovely photosReplyCancel

    • January 20, 2020 - 5:24 am

      yellowprairieint - Love your style, Jean! 🙂ReplyCancel