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We bought a farm!

FINALLY! We are BEYOND excited to share our BIG NEWS with YOU!!! The excitement is so NEW (we literally JUST signedView full post »

Tiny house, Farmhouse style!

So Tiny Houses are all the rage these days…but WHAT IF you got the chance to deck one out in FARMHOUSE STYLE? IView full post »


“Always take time to stop and smell the roses.” We’ve all heard it. But sometimes we don’tView full post »

Fall HOME Tour 2017

Oooooh fall. Here you are again. Even though I LOVE summer, I’m ready for some cozy nights at home, hot appleView full post »

Fall Porch Tour 2017

We’re friends, right? So I can tell you what REALLY happened when I decorated my front porch for fall thisView full post »

10 affordable must-haves for fall

Summer, I heart you. But if you MUST go, it’s time for me to move on and get ready for my other favorite season,View full post »

Summer Porch Tour 2017

Welcome! So glad you’re here for a little summer front porch tour. Question for you. Is your porch sayingView full post »

Texas On Repeat

Is there really anything better than Texas on REPEAT? 🙂 Yes, I’m an Oregon girl. But I do love me someView full post »

Christmas Porch & Entryway Tour

Welcome and MERRY CHRISTMAS! So excited to be joining my sweet friend Chris at Just a Girl Blog for theView full post »

Hello again, Texas

A couple months ago, my sweet Texas client texted me with a proposal. (Remember Mike & Christie? Had the pleasureView full post »

Gather ’round, Our Fall Home Tour 2016

Hi friend! I’m so glad you stopped by today. Come in, have a seat, and let’s talk FALL! What inspires youView full post »

Junkin’ Adventure

Once upon a time two friends drove down to Medford, Oregon on a sunny Friday morning. They found some great stuff.View full post »

Texas House Call

What a fun week! Last September I started working with Mike & Christie on the renovation of their home viaView full post »

Front Porch Love

A few weeks ago I decided my front porch could use some serious LOVE. Ok, not SERIOUS love, but SOME love. A littleView full post »

7 Steps to Cozy

Do you ever feel like you struggle to make your spaces feel cozy? Like they’re ALMOST there…but notView full post »