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The Surprises of Demo

We’ve all seen “Demo Day” on our favorite TV shows…it usually appears to be 1 action-packed dayView full post »

We bought a farm!

FINALLY! We are BEYOND excited to share our BIG NEWS with YOU!!! The excitement is so NEW (we literally JUST signedView full post »

Before & After…a fun home office project

Soooooo there’s this amazing family. They are dear friends, and just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.View full post »

Refreshing a Living Room/Dining Room

So yesterday was a fun-filled install day. I hadn’t intended to write a blog post about it, only because I feelView full post »

A Fresh Look

Wanna know a secret? Being a designer isn’t all fun and games. But INSTALL DAY? Well, that, my friends, is theView full post »

our master bedroom mini-makeover

We were ready. Our bedding was old, worn-out, and let’s face it, our sweet puppy has had a fewView full post »

Hello again, Texas

A couple months ago, my sweet Texas client texted me with a proposal. (Remember Mike & Christie? Had the pleasureView full post »

A Master Bedroom Retreat, Before & After

Oh my heavens. This project. This. This is why I love my job. It was a pretty, sunny day in early May when I first metView full post »

Reimagining a Guest Room

Oh I had the most fun yesterday. “Install” day is always enjoyable…seeing a project come together,View full post »