Yellow Prairie Living Room Course

Lesson No. 2

Styling 101: Main Living Areas

Ever wish your home looked more “finished?”

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when shopping for home decor? Or buy things and then wonder where to place them?

Do you enjoy decorating, but struggle with arranging items on a table/mantel/bookcase?

Ever think, “There MUST be an easier way!”

Or wonder, “Why do things always look so great & effortless in magazines?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have things fine tuned before the busy holiday season?

You might be surprised how easy it can be! (And how you don’t need to spend a bunch of money!)

Let’s do this together.

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Yellow Prairie Main Living Areas

Get Ready!

I’m so excited to bring you this course. Styling is my absolute FAVORITE part of design, and once you hear these simple basics, it will be yours too!

Did you know? Even if you don’t LOVE your furniture, your space, or even the entire house, a little styling can take you a long way.

Janna’s obvious love and passion for interior design really makes her one of a kind. Not only does she have a beautifully unique style and sense of composition, but she is just a joy to work with.

Ashley Dimeo Buchan, ADB Photographix


I get positive feedback constantly about how beautifully decorated and warm my new space feels. If you are looking for an exceptional designer to revamp your space, I would highly recommend Yellow Prairie!

Megan Ward, Owner,
Red Pearl Designs


I never knew working with an interior designer could be so rewarding. Janna was enthusiastic and made the project fun. She had vision when I didn’t even know where to begin and I love the end result!

Diane McLaran


Yellow Prairie Main Living Areas

We’ll focus on

the key decorating “opportunities” in your main living space including:

    • No. 1

      Shopping for accessories

      Shop smart & go with a plan!

    • No. 2

      A fireplace mantel

      Create a beautiful focal point.

    • No. 3

      Table tops

      Coffee table, sofa table, end table. Less is more. Aaaaanndd…

    • No. 4

      Built-ins and bookcases

      Make it functional, organized, and pleasing to the eye!

    • No. 5

      A surprise Bonus!

So what are you waiting for?

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A Little About Me

I’m Janna. I like long drives in the country and cozy living rooms. But really, it’s so true. Growing up on a little apple farm here in Oregon, we might not have had a sprawling home with lots of bedrooms, but we had cozy. We had cozy for days. It’s funny because as a child, I thought I would love to move to the city some day, and have the biggest, fanciest house on the block. But the older I get, the more I realize that cozy is where its at. Sure, it’s nice to have a little more space, but the feeling. The feeling we’re after in this crazy, busy world is COZY. A refuge from the chaos. A comfortable, put-up-your-feet haven that’s tailored just to us.

And maybe you’d like that too…which is why I love what I do — helping people like YOU create that cozy-welcoming-inviting-comfortable feeling in YOUR home!