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“Always take time to stop and smell the roses.” We’ve all heard it. But sometimes we don’tView full post »

5 things i wish i’d known when i decided to follow my dreams

What if? What if you decided to do something so radical, so unlike yourself, so risky that it absolutely changedView full post »

9 (actually 10) beautiful, influential women

I’ve seen a lot of “top 9” collages this week…people showing the pics that got the mostView full post »

Thanksgiving Simplicity

Ever wish you could have the “movie” version of a Thanksgiving? A beautiful table, perfectly prepared food,View full post »

Joy Found in a Sick Day

See that sign? “Nest.” That’s what I’ve been called to do this week. Take care of myView full post »

Time to Use the Fine China

So I do this weird thing, and maybe you do it too. I find the CUTEST top while out shopping. And I mean CUTE. TheView full post »

Too close? It’s All in the Details

So while you’re at my house today, I want to show you a close-up. Details that you’d never see in aView full post »

Snow White Never Had a Bad Day

I heard this quote yesterday, “Snow White never had a bad day.” Ummm, that’s because she’s aView full post »

Stepping Out in Faith

Yep, it’s a cross-walk. When you walk across a cross walk, do you stop a few feet in? Or go halfway across andView full post »

Never Too Late

Do you ever wonder, “What am I good at? What was I created to do?” Well that was me. For years. My husbandView full post »